Join The Ethnos Network

The Ethnos Network is an Association of Churches that looks to start new spaces for people to explore and connect with Jesus and what He is doing in our world. Our communities are uniquely called to live in and serve the urban areas surrounding major global universities. While the Network comes together for this purpose and is based on the values listed below, underneath it all is relationships: we come together because we love, believe in, and trust each other.
Each community in the Network is characterized by particular values, including:
  • Incarnational Presence
  • Intentional Ethnic and Socioeconomic Diversity
  • Holistic Transformation
  • Heart and Mind
  • Jesus as Leader, Focus, and Message
  • Bridge Building and Partnerships

Most communities/churches in the Network are also associated with other denominations or networks. We believe that, especially for new church plants, affiliation with multiple networks is healthy.

What does joining involve?  The basics include:

1. Formal and Informal Relationship: Our formal structures of relationship include a yearly global gathering and bi-monthly video conferences. But many of us are in numerous conversations outside of those times to encourage each other, collaborate on new initiatives, and more.

2. Strategic Collaboration: Most of the new plants are taken on by 2-3 current sites. Following God’s guidance, leaders visit cities together, collaborate in the development and funding process, and continue relationships outside of the formal structure noted above.

3. Financial Investment: We do not require sites to give a certain percentage.  Rather, we trust in the maturity and Spirit-led direction of each site to actively adopt new plants as they come online.

The above reflect a “starfish,” multi-nucleated model of working together, rather than a “spider,” centralized way of engagement. If you would like more information about becoming a part of the Network, please contact us.