Leadership & Structure

The Ethnos Network is a multi-nucleated, decentralized network. If you’ve heard of how the spider and the starfish operate differently, then think “starfish” when you think of how we operate. Every established church in the Network is a center of decision making and multiplication. Each site chooses to be in relationship with other sites, with various types of support (including financial) developing from those relationships.

With this in mind, there are two leadership teams within this starfish structure.

The first team, the Network Council, consists of lead pastors from each site. This team is ultimately responsible for the overall vision and health of the Network.

The second team, the Translocal Team, consists of key “experts” and sages in issues related to the global university town. This team coaches and trains leaders, and gives key input to the Council. The team currently includes:

Daniel Escobar: Director for Latin America & Spanish-Speaking Churches (LaRed Network)

Eric Lige: Director and Catalyst for Global Worship

Joyce Thompson: Director for Interfaith Dialogue

Sam Chacko: Catalyst for South Asian American Development

Tafara Butayi: Director for the African Continent

Yucan Chiu: Director, Global Catalyst