Looking for resources related to multiethnic, global, urban, university contexts? There are many great resources available today. Here are are a few resources we have found helpful, written primarily from a U.S. context. More needs to be written and discovered from the global church.


Compared to a decade ago, there are many good resources now on the subject. Mark Deymaz has taken the time to research and produce some of the most practical and helpful tools for church leaders. Other resources listed are key for the practical, interpersonal realities of multiethnic living.

Building a Healthy Multiethnic Church, by Mark Deymaz

Leading a Healthy Multiethnic Church, by Mark Deymaz

re:Mix: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color, by Mark Deymaz

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures, by Patty Lane

Roadmap to Reconciliation, by Brenda Salter McNeil

White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to be White, by Daniel Hill

Loving Well Across Cultures, Christena Cleveland (Video)



Economic Diversity

As with the above, Deymaz has done some writing on this. Some other voices are noted below:

Disruption, by Mark Deymaz

The Coming Revolution in Church Economics, by Mark Deymaz

Transforming Power, by Robert Linthicum



While there are resources on reaching the university, resources analyzing the urban areas next to universities are sparse. More can be written here.

The American College Town, by Blake Gumprecht

Global Churches in Global University Towns, by Yucan Chiu

Residential Layers Around the University, by Yucan Chiu



Resources are abundant in this area. Keller’s work is the standard for church planting in urban areas. Benesh’s work assesses the issue of transportation and planting in urban areas, a key factor to transformational, incarnational ministry.

Center Church, by Tim Keller

The Bikeable Church, by Sean Benesh



While resources abound in this area, these works by key non-white leaders are essential for the urban areas we look to plant in.

True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In, by James Choung

Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out, by James Choung

“Discipling Urban Men,” in Aliens in the Promised Land, by Carl F. Ellis