What We Do

The Ethnos Network exists to provide the following.

Relationships: ministry is hard when you feel like no one “gets you.” We are a tribe of practitioners working in the similar multiethnic-urban-university area context. To be a part of the Network is to enter into real relationships of love, support, and encouragement.

Expertise: we have unique individuals, communities, and connections as a Network that help practitioners in the multiethnic-urban-university area context. From global multi-lingual/cultural music sheets to on-the-ground training in urban exegesis, research-based university campus evangelism to discovering pathways of multi-class community, we’ll connect you the sources for more effective and greater growth. To be a part of the Network is to tap into these resources.

Finances: to be clear, we are not a network geared to raise financial support. However, to join the Network is to be adopted by other churches in the Network and also adopt other plants in the Network, and more often than not that involves finances. We also have connections to a few foundations that we can introduce you to for funding.